Conference Program

1) Cyberbullying & Social Media Literacy

Nowadays, internet use is a part of everyday life and permeates every facet of our lives. However, there are some unique challenges that social media present: instant exchange of information, challenges to privacy, instant exposure to the public through social media sites etc. and these have raised questions about how we forge identities on line and how we use web information responsibily. Instances of cyberbullying and “trolling” have become particularly severe through the abuse of online personal information to bully, intimidate and character assisinate young people. In some cases this has led to suicide. We are now face the challenge of how best to deal with in the information age.

Case Study:
Present data relating to cases of cyberbullying: suicide rates etc. Present information country by country.


  • Identify issues and experiences with cyber-bullying
  • Strategies to help others. Dealing with “trolling”
  • Strategies when you are a target
  • Being responsible cybercitizens
  • How to connect your online identity with who you are in the real world